1. Mix-A-SIX Beer Box

Capital City wants you to try new beers. The Mix-A-SIX pack allows you to choose what you want to drink so have fun with it. Take the opportunity to try a couple beers you have always wanted too but are not sure about an entire 6-pack.

$9.99/ 6-pack

2. Mumm Napa

Brunt Prestige is Mumm Napa’s signature sparkling wine. It is a relaxed, yet elegant, wine that earns sparkling accolades from customers and critics alike. Brunt Prestige features fine bright citrus, red apple, stone fruit and creamy vanilla aromas, with hints of toast, honey and gingerbread spice. Its vibrant flavors are balanced by fine acidity and a rich, lingering finish.


3. Chattanooga Whiskey 1816 Single Barrel Cask Proof

Creamy, smooth, delicious are just a few of the superlatives one can use to describe this Whiskey. Our staff did an excellent job when they went to Chattanooga and picked this barrel. Even though it is very high in proof ( 113.4), it is a very, very smooth whiskey. It’s versatile enough to make a good Manhattan or Old Fashioned but also just on the rocks.



4. Veev

This is one unique and exotic spirit. It is distilled from Idaho winter wheat and infused with Acai Berry. This gives Veev a very different characteristic from most neutral spirits. The nose is full of a very nice sweetness from the Acai Berry but accented with prickly pear. Therefore, it can add an exotic twist to many cocktails.



5. Bota Box

One could say the Bota Box is top of the line boxed wine! Bota offers the perfect wine for any occasion including your next little adventure. We carry a wide variety of different styles including Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Nighthawk Black.


6. Rodenbach

Rodenbach is the Godfather of Sour Beers. The brewery has been around for 160 years existing in brewing specialty beers and only specialty beers. All of them are brown sour ales. What is special about the Rodenbach brewery is mainly the fermentation and more particular the third fermentation that takes place in huge oaken barrels for up to two years.

Prices Vary